SaaS startup in the Customer Experience space. 
The CEO tapped me to create the vision that he had for improving the customer experience for B2B. The goal was a meaningful customer experience platform to reduce customer churn and create lifetime value.
I was the Principal UX designer on this product. The entire company consisted of five individuals at the time. I worked directly with the CEO founder to take his vision to challenge the broken tools in the market with a solution that would help any business connect all team members to better serve their customers.
This is our vision. Together we traced out the breadth of the service. Who our audience was and what tasks they needed to accomplish, and how they would measure success. 
My notes trace the entire product arc.
Pen and Paper Concept 
After we built the initial prototype off of my wireframe (above) we were able to bring in additional visual design support.
Final Product - The company is currently supporting 25+ customers and raised a preseed 1MM.
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